Disney Dim Sum and Roomba Beer Pong

The guys are here to fill you in on some of our top stories this week. ------------------------------------------------ Social Post of the Week from: @fitnesscheatmeals ------------------------------------------------ This Week's Top Stories: 5. Disney Dim Sum: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/disney-dim-sum/ 4. Roomba Pong: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/roomba-pong-is-easily-the-best-beer-pong-variation-to-date/ 3. Man Beats Up Friend Over Ramen: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/ramen-fight/ 2. Don't Eat Raw Cookie Dough: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/fda-cookiedough-raw/ 1. IKEA's Black Hot Dog: http://www.foodbeast.com/news/ikea-is-serving-an-all-black-hot-dog-in-japan/